Charity Reg No. 1119918

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What We Do

Shahnam operates with the dedication to accomplish these goals:

  • Provide medical health care to those who cannot afford it
  • Fund individuals requiring education, training and qualifications to become self-sufficient
  • Provide business start-up grants to assist workers with tools, resources and skills
  • Provide resources for families who cannot afford to proceed with marriage
  • Support and assist in international humanitarian crisis
  • Support the poor, sick, old, young and disabled with resources and facilities
  • Facilitate clean, drinkable water to communities
  • To bulid an old peoples home (currently in progress)
Achievements since 2002:
  • A medical clinic providing free medical advice, treatment by a qualified doctor
  • Medical operations have been arranged for the poor to restore and improve their health
  • Twenty-four weddings for poor and orphaned girls have been financially supported
  • Business start-up costs have supported the unemployed with material and resources
  • Financial support has been provided for children who have the potential to further their education

100% of your donation goes to the needy


....... Rickshaw Business
....... Flour, Rice and Lentils
....... Donkey & Cart
....... Shakoor, Shop & Stall
....... Bullock Power