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Case Studies

Shakoor in his shop [26-April-08]

Shakoors son ready to sell [26-April-08]



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Shakoor, Shop & Stall

Shakoor once worked in a small corner shop earning for his large family; his wife, eight daughters and one son. The owner of the premises closed the shop for refurbishment, but decided not to re-open, and so Shakoor was made redundant. Shakoor was extremely concerned for the welfare of his family, as he was also currently paying for two of his daughters' further education. Unfortunately, two of Shakoors' other daughters had become widowed and had returned to live back at home.

It was a problem for Shakoor to find work because he had no qualifications to fall back on nor did he have the right skills for other work. However, he had gained forty years of business experience from his previous occupation as shop keeper. Shakoor found it very difficult to come to terms with his situation but his struggle in life soon became easier.

Shahnam recognised Shakoors' business knowledge and wanted to support him back into the business sector. Shakoor was given a business start-up grant to set up premises for a new shop. This grant was to cover fixture and fittings for the shop, pay for three months rent, and to buy new stock. Shakoors' son was also given a grant to set up a burger stall outside the shop.

Shakoors' business with his son have become self-sufficient and are now generating enough income to support their family at home and in education, with Shahnams support.

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