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Welcome to Shahnam

Shahnam is a charitable organisation striving for the relief of poverty-stricken communities and aiding the
sick to achieve better health and well-being. An international charity focusing on mainly Pakistan including
South-East Asia and Africa where cases of emergencies and disasters need immediate attention.

Shahnam's mission is to support and facilitate the poor, sick, old, young and disabled; to support families
and communities in education, work and at home in order to achieve a better future; and to assist in the
aid and provision of humanitarian emergencies and disasters.

We assure our donors that 100% of their donation goes to a charitable cause.
We aim to eliminate poverty whenever possible within the spirit of making poverty history.

100% of your donation goes to the needy

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....... Rickshaw Business
....... Flour, Rice and Lentils
....... Donkey & Cart
....... Shakoor, Shop & Stall
....... Bullock Power

Medical care for the poor Hope for the future Following their ambition

A medical clinic has been set up
in the heart of Bahawalpur to
provide free treatment and care...

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Resources have given hope to
those who do not have the means
to support their families...

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Children from poor backgrounds
have grasped the opportunity to
further their studies...

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