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Frequently Asked Questions

 Why are there no adminstration fees taken from my donation?

 There are no admin fees charged on donations because our charity is operated by family members.
 We have pledged that we will only operate on a voluntary basis so that our donors do not feel we have
 used only part of their donation to help the needy. We are very proud to announce that any expenses
 incurred during our work will always be paid by us.

 Where does my donation go?

 Our ground work operates in mainly Pakistan. Bahawalpur is one of the villages needing major attention.
 There are a number of cases of very sick people with many health problems that can be cured by  providing them with medical care. Our medical clinic and dispensary provide free treatment with the
 advice from our appointed qualified doctor. We also provide food packages to the extreme poor and old,
 as well as offering education grants to children. For more information about what we do and where your
 donation goes go to our 'what we do' page and our 'appeals' page.

 When I donate online I can see your income of donations and expenses; what does this

 This information has been taken from the Charity Commision, a registrar for all registered charities in
 England and Wales. The information you may see is our financial history.

 Do you help in disaster areas?

 Yes we do. Where there are cases of disasters and emergencies we aim to support the disadvantaged.

 If you have a question to ask send an email to: info@shahnam.org.uk or call 07811 457 922


100% of your donation goes to the needy


....... Rickshaw Business
....... Flour, Rice and Lentils
....... Donkey & Cart
....... Shakoor, Shop & Stall
....... Bullock Power