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Case Studies

Huma Shakoor has achieved a degree in
Homeopathy medicine

Muhammed Zahid is in the second year of his Faculty of Science course at college

Muhammed Akhter is aiming for a Diploma in
Engineering, a three year course

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Following their ambition

Shahnam has paved the way for children and young adults to gain a higher education. The aim is to fund individuals who have the potential to achieve high level qualifications and training, and to give them the opportunity to become skilled and self-sufficient. This way they can support themselves and their families.

Many poor families have found it extremely difficult to support their children in education, so children have remained illiterate and unskilled. This usual scenario has created a negative impact on the wellfare and health of these families because there is little or no income.

Huma Shakoor, Muhammed Zahid and Muhammed Akhter are the fortunate ones, who have grasped the opportunity to further their studies. They have achieved successful results, and have continued to work hard and support their families. The future looks bright for these high achievers, and with these qualifications and skills, they have the potential to become professionals and leaders in their field.

Help Shahnam continue providing education grants, so these young individuals can follow their ambitions and prosper. Donate now!

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100% of your donation goes to the needy


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