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Case Studies

Ahmed Bukhsh

Ahmed Bukhsh with his bull and cart

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Bullock Power

Ahmad Bukhsh earns for his family; his wife, eight daughters, and three sons. He takes medication to stay healthy and works extremely hard to support his large family. He strives for work continuously by undertaking random labour jobs that require little skill, but he still earns less than what his family needs to cover their basic necessities. To add to the difficulties, in his last job he was dismissed due to his lack of ability to carry out certain tasks such as loading and offloading heavy items, including the time it took for him to undertake these tasks.

Ahmad once owned his own bull and cart to transport the produce of farmers from one village to another. His service was a significant resource to the farmers and it produced good income for him. Unfortunately, the bullock he owned died for reasons unknown, and as a consequence his work came to a halt. His age and unskilled background has proven to be a struggle for Ahmad as he is unable to complete a full days work.

Shahnam had seen how testing life was like for Ahmad and was determined to make life easier for him and his family. Ahmad was encouraged to resume his previous profession, starting with a new bullock for his transport business. Without delay he looked for a suitable bullock and cart, and soon enough it was bought for him. Ahmad is self-sufficient again which means he can now have peace of mind everday of money coming in for the familys' health and well-being.

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