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Baba Hayat with his wife [26-April-08]

Baba Hayat receiving food [26-April-08]

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Old Age Concern

Baba Hayat is partially blind, he has 20% visibilty, and he is the sole carer of his wife, who is fully blind. One day Baba Hayat went out to buy something for his wife, but on his travels fell down in a ditch breaking his shoulder and thigh bone. Baba Hayat was noticed by people passing by, and was immediately taken to care.

Shahnam was told about this incident and realised that there was no immediate family or contact that could take care of both Baba Hayat and his wife. Shahnam arranged for their provision. Baba Hayat was taken to hospital and several x-rays were carried out to identify the damage. Baba Hayat did not want to be admitted into hospital and requested to stay at home with his wife. With his request, Shahnam arranged for his treatment, food provision and care. Baba Hayat and his wife were given food by the carers three times a day. A doctor visited Baba Hayat to ensure his wounds were healing, bandaging was re-applied and his general health was improving. Clothing and household duties were also maintained.

Baba Hayat is better now. He uses a stick to walk about, and he still cares for his wife. Shahnam is determined to support Baba Hayat and his wife. They receive food on a daily basis and money, to use for their own needs. Care and clothing is still being provided, but there is still a great deal more to do. Their living conditions need to improve, costs for medication, clothing, household items, bills and care workers are ongoing. Please donate now so we can support Baba Hayat and his wife further.

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