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About Us

Founder of Shahnam, Salim Khan identified a genuine need in the community on his personal visits to Pakistan. As a well known, key member in the community, Salim had been approached, on many occasions, by local residents asking for money to pay for medication. He recognised that the poor and low-income people suffered a lack of basic medical attention due to general health care being private and too expensive in Pakistan.

In response, Salim decided to tackle this problem head on, and on returning to England in 2001, he decided to establish an intiative that would directly provide the poor with medication to improve their health. Salim with his family of professionals sat around a table to discuss the way in which admin costs could be avoided from the donations that people were giving, and ensure that 100% of their zakat (alms) would go to the poor and needy. After lengthy discussions and planning, the decision was made to cut out any administration costs, as all the charity work would be underatken voluntarily by Salim and his family. In 2002, began Shahnam's first official project - a medical clinic offering free treatment.

Shahnam has not stopped there. Since the establishment of the clinic, Shahnam has continued to support the poor and vulnerable. Not only is it already achieving better health and well-being for individuals, family members are also benefiting from the financial support for their education and business development. Shahnam also financially supports marriages for orphaned girls and those from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds.

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100% of your donation goes to the needy


....... Rickshaw Business
....... Flour, Rice and Lentils
....... Donkey & Cart
....... Shakoor, Shop & Stall
....... Bullock Power